horseback-riding lessons at Edmonton Farms at Hansen Dam Equestrian Center

Where horses and riders jump with joy and passion, and always seek more, in themselves and for each other.

Since 2001, Edmonton Farms has grown exponentially and has helped dozens of junior and amateur riders to achieve their personal bests and reach goals that were previously only dreams before entering the barn. Sheri and Duncan are committed to bringing out the skills of undeveloped horses from North America, Europe, and additional breeding farms and take a special interest in training young Thoroughbreds. Due to their years of experience, both Sheri and Duncan apply a hands-on approach to their training style, not only guiding their students but developing the horse and rider relationship at the same time. Their dedication to their clients and horses is limitless and unequivocal.

Lessons for Kids and Teens


Edmonton farms offers horseback riding lessons from ages 5 and up. Private lessons are recommended until the student displays control over the horse. Then the option of group lessons (2-3 riders) can be arranged. In addition to riding, the lessons often include grooming and saddling the horse. At Edmonton farms we believe in horsemanship. Being able to read your horse is an important aspect of riding culture.

IEL Preparation

Sheri and Duncan have successfully trained students to be competitive and succeed in the IEL (Interscholastic Equestrian League) circuit.

Lessons for Adults

Edmonton Farms offers adult lessons for all levels. Whether it’s your very first time on a horse or you are a seasoned rider looking to sharpen your skills, we will match you with a teacher best suited for your needs and goals.

Lessons on Edmonton Farms horses

Group, Semi Private, Private

Lessons on your own quality mount

Group, Semi Private, Private