“Going to horseback riding lessons at Edmonton Farms is my daughter’s favorite time of the week!” – Parent

“The horse camps with Sheri are fantastic. My daughter had such a blast.” – Parent

“Duncan McIntosh and Sheri Moser teach english equitation and jumping.  Between them, they teach little kids, teens, and older folks (I belong in the latter).  And while they are teaching us how to ride, they are really teaching us about self-discipline, self-respect, how to meet challenges, both mental and physical, and how to work with and through our fears.  And, just as importantly, they teach us respect for our equine partners and how to make sure they aren’t over-worked or allowed to be bratty (for lack of a better phrase).

Sheri and Duncan know horses.  And they know riders. And they know sport psychology.  
The facility itself is immaculate and very well taken care of.  There are miles of trails either in the adjacent Hansen Dam park or the very nearby foothills.
It’s a much faster ride to here than you’d think.  From LA proper, it’s about 20-25 minutes. 
Lots of horse shows here -my daughter has done a couple.  
Big bonus – Sheri and Duncan are offering horse camp this summer for kids 6-12.  My girl will definitely be there.” – Parent


“My granddaughter is going on 9 and her parents are divorcing. She was showing signs of stress, low confidence and having a few discipline issues. Her posture was getting bad and we decided to have her try riding. My older daughter rode with Sheri and Duncan years ago and I remember how great they were. I called and talked to Sheri, told her everything going on and she said she would love to start my granddaughter. We started with the summer camp and now do weekly lessons. We can’t believe the improvement in attitude, posture, priority and confidence. It feels good to go back after so many years and find the same integrity, love and care, plus the greatest groom in Southern CA. The facility is wonderful and more important than anything, everyone is great, kids, parents, trainers and neighbors. 
My granddaughter misses Summer Camp and is excited for next year. She learned how to completely groom her horse, even clean up her tack. She met a new friend and they got to ride together today. All I can say is thank you Edmonton Farms, Sheri, Duncan, little Cleo and Rachel, Jorge and the best pony ever, Penny. They have wonderful horses to ride, all well trained with great ground manners. 
If the highest score I could give is a 10, they would still get 100 from me.” – Grandma